Greenwalls and Terrace Gardens

Fully Realized Interiors


Our approach to architectural design starts with prudent research into the problems of aesthetic expression, function, and economy, evolving into three dimensional computer models and other spatial studies. The floor plans are then the result of these spatial studies of which in turn inform the 3d models. This cycle is maintained throughout the design process and detailing of buildings and spaces producing a rich, multi-layered spatial experience.

— Michael Bucci

Philly green wall has over a decade of installing and maintaining green walls and roofs We are creators of extraordinary Green roofs and Green Walls.

Philly Green Wall and Roof is a single source for design, permitting, installation, and maintenance. We are certified installers of waterproofing systems for green roofs than exceeds all expectations. our Dual membrane CTEM system has an average life of 40 years exposed and can be doubled when installed under a green roof. Leaking will never be a concern with our system.

In addition to the on-site work we do, we also love to design and fabricate stand alone objects like furniture and installation solutions. GSpace Elements is our little corner of this world. This allows us to explore materials and techiques that we may not encounter in traditional building design and construction.

We often create work as the result of an idea. Although we frequently work with a comission or request from a client.