Camba Garden in Brooklyn NY has commissioned Philly Green Wall to begin work on two Interior green walls. Camba gardens is a 209 unit, housing project in two buildings, currently under construction and projecting occupancy in Summer 2013. The green walls are planned for the two  the Lobbies and vestibules. Interior green walls usually are planted with Tropicals that like warm climates and low light. Since part of this wall is going to be exposed to blasts of cold air in the winter, we need to choose a tropical that is tolerant of colder conditions. In our experience, Snake plants tend to hold up well in cold conditions. Other plants will be Wandering Jew, Boston Ivy, Goldheart Ivy, Setcreasta, and Cast iron Plant.

Camba Garden Rendered Shop Drawing Indicating Plant types and patterning. Left side in the vestibule area.


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