In an effort to extend the growing season of our Rooftop Urban farm, we have constructed an improved Mini hoop house with permanent anchor points. Since the mini hoop house was sucessful last year using PVC tubing and polyethylene sheet, we are upgrading it this year.

 Here is the process of building this mini greenhouse

6″ concrete blocks set into growing media on top of green roof mats

PVC conduit is used for the frame

The concrete blocks are filled solid with concrete and te PVC conduit is anchored to the blocks with stainless bolts for easy removal.

Pressure treated framing is then added to the end panels

Pressure horizontal members and ridge beam is then added


Conduit straps to attach pressure treated members are modified for corner conditions.

A door is made from 5/4″ pressure treated wood.
Diagonal wind braces are made from 3/4″ Pipe and attached to all four corners.

Polycarbonate triple wall sheet is attached to wood framing members

Polycarbonate sheets are attached to end panels and door

Latches for the door and vent are made from flush bolts and modified angle braces

Carrots, Winter Kale and Beets have spurted up since the green house was enclosed. The triple wall polycarbonate captures and holds heat much better that last years hoop house. Tempuratures reached 90┬░ by mid afternoon yesterday

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