Still growing on the rooftop urban farm are some Broccoli plants.The mild winter so far has helped. ┬áThese plants didn’t get any heads but produced a lot of greens. They just wont give up. We have been eating the leaves since September. I decided to pull some of the Broccoli plants and all of the BokChoi.

Incredible root development on this Broccoli. Regular feeding with Compost tea and GLTi BioSOIL creates very strong plants

We harvested some BokChoi leaves, but they are fading fast. The stalks had some amazing growth

Mostly the Broccoli leaves are used in a juicer with other fruits. In the juicer at least 2 Bananas are needed to add enough sweetness to counter the very strong fresh picked Broccoli flavor

But here is a recipe that makes a nice quick meal with broccoli leaves and is highly nutritious .

Broccoli leaves picked and washed

Broccoli plants are still growing. The bottom leaves are very large, they can be used in the juicer. the new leaves are tender good for stir frying.

Finely chop the Broccoli leaves since some of the stems can be tough and stringy. Chop the stems into even smaller pieces

Stir fry the leaves in Olive oil and garlic. I use an entire bulb and crush all cloves. I had some Beet green so they were chopped up and added in too.

Cubes of tofu, Red Wine, White Onions, Tamari Sauce, Ground pepper, Zatar, dried basil, roasted sunflower seeds, and chopped sun dried tomatoes are added to the stir fry. Water is added as the bottom dries out. with the lid on, this also steams the leaves to tenderize them.


In side the mini greenhouse the carrots are pushing up. the temperature reached 72┬░ today(12.19.12). Onions and beets are also growing nicely too.

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