With temperatures projected to dip into the 20’s tonight, its time to winterize the urban rooftop farm. Here are some of the steps taken to winterize a green roof.

SInce irrigation valves and filters will be destroyed if frozen, they are set up with simple hose connections to easily removed. The valve, filter and timer set up can be brought indoors as one piece.

The rain sensor is hard wired to the valve setup, so it must be removed. I remove the sensor and leave the mounting bracket since it is mounted to the building and water sealed.

The hose connections to the subsurface drip lines are then caped off with PVC plugs to prevent debris from getting the lines and causing clogs.

Thats about all that is needed to winterize a GLTi green roof. Its a simple installation and simple maintenance. The polyethylene micro drip lines dont need to be blown out since the tubing is so flexible and the emitters will allow any freezing water to escape.


For the remaining crops on the urban farm, they need to be picked. Tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers, if frozen will be spoiled.

These pear tomatoes are ready to pick anyway.


There were quite a lot of vegetables for November. Some will ripen indoors. But it looks like Fried Green Tomatoes will be on the menu this week.

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