G_space recently completed a facade restoration in Queens Village Philadelphia. The brick facade was losing mortar in many areas and the wood window casing was rotted out at the sills. Since the brick is harder than most of the older historic buildings in the neighborhood we used a ratio of 2 sand to 1 cement.

The repointing took about one week for the Two story facade, however, the work was suspended for 4 days as hurricane Sandy passed through.

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With temperatures projected to dip into the 20’s tonight, its time to winterize the urban rooftop farm. Here are some of the steps taken to winterize a green roof.

SInce irrigation valves and filters will be destroyed if frozen, they are set up with simple hose connections to easily removed. The valve, filter and timer set up can be brought indoors as one piece.



Late in the growing season we are still harvesting all kinds of crops from our green roof and wall farm. Some are ripened, some are over ripe, and some are premature, here are some of the things to do with them.

When picked at the height of ripeness, tomatoes, cucumbers, and sweet peppers are amazing in a simple salad. Add a little fresh lemon, fresh ground pepper and fresh ground sea salt, with coconut vinegar and olive oil.

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Some of the crops harvested from our green roof and green wall

Zucchinis take a lot of space and grow large leaves very quickly. These plants boomed before all others, covering over some eggplants, beets and edaname. We have been eating these for more than a month now. Since they grew so big we grilled most of them.

sprouting zuccinis

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– CHILD PROOFING – not an Architectural Band Aid


Child proofing with style. Child proofing a custom home with open stairwells and railings can present unique challenges when trying to accomplish the task without sacrificing style. The request of the homeowner was to add childproofing that would not detract from the original design or essentially disappear. Due to the size of the home, it was decided to isolate certain areas instead of childproofing the entire house.

The elegant entry foyer of the Vinnakota residence was made safer for the youngsters by employing multiple strategies.


Vinnakota Residence Warren, NJ – Main Foyer
Designed by g_space in 1992. The residence was finished in 1996

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The first day of Summer 2012, perfect weather to install CTEM Waterproofing. Well, maybe for the CTEM but for us it was way too hot. Well at least we had a great view while working. For this Long Island home designed by Blaze Makoid Architecture of Sagaponac,NY, G_space is preparing for a green roof with the best available waterproofing to use under  a green roof.

The advantages of Hyload CTEM (Coal Tar Elastomeric Membrane)

  • its ability to be installed a a zero slope
  • its capacity to perform as a root barrier without any additional layers of material
  • the 2 ply 150 mil thickness
  • up to 25 year warranty and a service life to 40+ years
  • Non Toxic, VOC compliant
  • extremely durable and puncture resistant

Here is the step by step process used on this residence

A 1/8″ per foot is our recommendation to provide minimal pitch to the drains

To achieve a pitch, Pre cut tapered furring strips were installed over the existing deck that was framed flat.

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– WORMS like Green Walls too!

The thing about growing food is that you never know what other creatures will want to eat it too. I don’t mind sharing a little, but I would like to eat some too. We refuse to use any chemical treatments, whats the point, I might just as well go to the supermarket and buy vegetables from the industrial agricultural system. So whatever we grow here will be grown organically, but that presents unique challenges.

Black swallowtail caterpillars love munching on Parsley

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At the g_space roof top urban farm we experimented with a mini hoop house placed over some crops planted last fall. The root crops, Nantes Carrots, and Bull’s blood beets did very well and we have been eating them for the past two months. The carrots are now going to seed. This demonstrates that rooftop Urban farming season can be extended well into the winter and in spring crops can be harvested.


Harvested Carrots a bit odd shaped but very good – mid April 2012

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– GREEN WALLS : Winter Maintenance Winter watering

With the exceptionally warm weather this past winter,  watering during the winter months was  of heightened importance. Here are some observations of  green wall installations   Two green walls didnt get the recommended winter watering, Sugarhouse casino and The West Phila gateway wall. Despite this oversight on maintenance the walls have recovered quite well. Sugarhouse ,being a 6″ deep system and capable of retaining more moisture,  is doing better. The gateway is a 4″ deep system and will dry out faster.

– ABOUT The G_space BLOG

Announcing the g_space BLOG

This is our first post.

G_space is a multi disciplinary design firm that incorporates architectural design, design-build, custom fabrications, graphic design and website design. We are an integrated team of architects, artists, craftsmen, and carpenters. Our projects range from redevelopment master planning, architectural design, Construction management, uniquely detailed custom built cabinetry, and metal work, Green roof , Green wall and Urban framing installations, to furniture and artwork.

The BLOG will cover

  • Our architectural and design/build projects
  • Green wall and Green roof design as well as updates on existing installations
  • Gspace Elements reclaimed Furniture and Artworks
  • Commentary and opinions on the built environment.
  • Food Security, diet and health comments
  • Urban Rooftop Farming and Wall Farming insights as we move ahead into this exciting new way to provide food.

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