– THE POWER OF LIVE PLANTS ON THE WALL – the impact on residents

Wondering Jew is aggressively growing and dominating this green wall

Wondering Jew is aggressively growing and dominating this green wall

Recently while doing maintenance at Camba Gardens Green Wall in Brooklyn NY, it was remarkable the impact the green walls has made on the residents. The walls needed extensive pruning and some replanting.During this process many of the residents would stop and comment how lucky they were that they had green wall in their building and that they had never seen anything like before not even in Manhattan. They expressed that they felt extremely privileged to have this vegetated wall and also thanked us for taking care of it and for giving it to them in the first place. photo 1While working the residents were excited about the prospect of being able to take some of the plant clippings and pot them to enjoy in their private residences. One of the women was waiting for clippings while we were cleaning up and realized that she may have come a little bit too late I told her we would save some the next time we came to leave them at the front desk with her name on it, she was very pleased. Continue reading “– THE POWER OF LIVE PLANTS ON THE WALL – the impact on residents” »


Pleasant Playground Green Roof - May 2014

Pleasant Playground Green Roof – May 2014

The Pleasant Playground Rec Building green roof in Germantown Philadelphia has made a full recovery and is flourishing after this exceptionally harsh winter. The only species that didn’t survive was the Ice Plant or Delosoerma, a succulent that we have used in green roofs on the past in limited quantities as an accent. All sedum species (Coral carpet, Sexangular, Angelina, Acre) as well as Creeping Thyme, have all come back and are growing profusely. The green roof was installed in late October 2013 and went into dormancy almost immediately for the winter. However, since the roof was pre-grown the plants were established enough to insure winter survival. Continue reading “– FULL RECOVERY FOR GREEN ROOF” »


Considerations for re roofing a deck area are deciding to tear off the existing roof or install an new roof over the existing layers of roofing. After inspections of the mod bit roof installed only a few years ago we noticed a number of areas that are open on this condo building. There were also soft spots observed when walking on it. It was decided that this roof should be torn off and start with a new base.

Probing the roof in multiple areas to check the structural integrity of the deck  or roof sheathing is a good test to determine if tear off is necessary.

Check to see how many layers of old roofing are on the roof by cutting a hole in the roof prior to re-proofing. Roofing weight should be calculated and the structure examined to determine if too much weight is being added to the roof beams before re roofing.

Seam failures caused leaks since this is rather a low slope roof.

Seam failures caused leaks since this is rather a low slope roof. Seam failures appear to be the result of expansion and contraction  coupled with inadequate bond between sheets in the touchdown process. We have encountered these openings often and they can be the result of the mod bit rubber cooling down too much after it is heated and before it is pressed into the previous sheet.

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– ROOFTOP GREENHOUSE WINTER GROWING – extending the roof farm growing season

IMG_6699Baby its cold outside, But inside this little roof top green house its nice n warm. The green house was upgraded from last year to a taller design. It was also designed as a permanent frame with removable panels. In summer the frame can provide a growing trellis.

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With these crops ripening all at once its more than can be consumed in a reasonable time, so were venturing into various preservation techniques. Having canned tomato sauce in the past, we know this process and how long it takes. But canned foods seem to retain more flavor and last longest. Freezing foods seem to lose flavor and texture. The best results with freezing have been with the vacuum sealing bags in the food saver.

Canned tomato sauce

Canned tomato sauce

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The bay windows at Montrose St. were a source of enormous heat loss. With 3 exposed facades, the corner property is very uncomfortable in winter. Together with Duffy/Sabra architecture, MNB Constuucts renovated the bay windows utilizing a rain screen methodology and thermally insulating from the outside.


Here is the Process


The existing siding and sheathing was stripped to the studs

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Philly Green Wall has recently completed an extensive green roof at the Pleasant Playground Recreation Building in Philadelphia, PA. The extensive green roof is a pre grown mat system utilizing the GLTi mat system by Green Living Technologies Institute that provides superior water retention capacity, a seamless appearance with the roof accessible advantages of a tray system.IMG_6149 Continue reading “– GREEN ROOF COMPLETED AT PLEASANT PLAYGROUND” »


Lindenguild Hall is a Affordable housing complex in the Bronx NY. The Architects chose GLTi green wall systems to create a warm environment in areaways that allow light into the lower level below grade. Since these areas don’t get a lot of daylight, shade loving plants were selected. Chocolate Mint, Boston Ivy, Pachysandra, Vinca Vine and Painted Japanese Ferns were used in 4″ deep GLTi aluminum green wall panels.

Growing in direct sun all summer, the chocolate mint in these green wall panels was overtaking the other plants.

Growing in direct sun all summer, the chocolate mint in these green wall panels was overtaking the other plants.



What to do with all this produce that ripens at the same time. These are some of the ways that the rooftop farm produce waas utilized.

— KALE  SALAD  all ingredients from the Roof top farm except avocado, onion, cashews, and spices

Kale Salad

Kale Salad

  • 2 avocados mashed into bottom of bowl
  • add chopped onion
  • About 10 Kale leaves chopped fine stems removed
  • Chopped Cucumber
  • 1 chopped Sweet red bell pepper
  • ground cashews about half a cup
  • 1/2 fresh lime squeezed
  • chopped tomato
  • raisins
  • sea salt and fresh ground pepper
  • Chianti wine vinegar to taste
  • Coconut Vinegar to taste
  • pinch of Cheyenne pepper
  • Note no oil is used making it low in fat


— GRILLED ZUCCHINI. Due to excessive rain these zucchinis grew to fast and too big.

Giant Zucchinis

Giant Zucchinis



The green wall for the Hanson Martin residence in Cambridge is thriving and doing very well under the care of  Janice Goodman at Cityscapes. Into its second year with minimal plant loss, some pachysandra was added to this wall that is located in a very shady area. The green wall utilizes 6″ deep GLTi stainless steel green wall panels and was installed by Philly Green Wall in fall of 2011.

Hanson Martin Exterior Green wall

Hanson Martin Exterior Green wall

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