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Volume 17:  March 2011
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Sugarhouse Casino Green walls in WINTER
Sugarhouse Casino Green walls in LATE SUMMER

So what do Green Walls look like in the winter?
This question comes up often.
Careful plant selections can assure the Green walls will be colorful and interesting Year round. Philly Green Wall consults with many sources for plant selections including: Local Horticulturists, Landscapers, Growing experts.
Sugarhouse Casino Green walls in Philadelphia are a 6″ depth system .
Plants chosen for this wall:
Mondo Grass
– Keeps a green color, tips have browned
Hosta Francine
– Completely dormant all leaves have browned
Blue Star Juniper
– turns a bright slate blue color
Lysimachia Aurea
– some leaves are brown and drooping
Huechera Purple Palace
– bright purple in leaves
Purple Phlox
– Some Green Retained
Sedum Ternatum
– bright green color all winter
Panels were pre-grown at the New Jersey based Cicconi Farms

Green Wall modular panels are produced by Green Living Technologies, Strategic Partner with Philly Green wall.
Mural Arts Green walls in WINTER
Mural Arts Green walls in SUMMER
Mural Arts West Philadelphia Gateway project consists of:
Dwarf Mondo Grass
– Mostly Brown Some green base of leaves
Sedum Rupestre Angelina
– Reddish orange Color
Sedum Blue Spruce
– Bluish Green
Sedum Album Red Ice
– Reddish Color
Detail of Mural Arts Wall in WINTER


One PNC Plaza Green walls in WINTER
Most plants have retained very nice color and foliage Some Heuchera and Lysimachia have lost their leaves and will return in spring. The light yellow colors of the Carex have retained the basic design. 



PNC Plaza in summertime
Ajuga Balck Scallop
Carex Evergold
Huechera Purple Palace
Lysimachia Aurea
Sedum Ternatum

Green Roof panels snow covered in WINTER

Green Roof panels in SUMMER


Detail of Green Roof in WINTER
Sedum Blue Spruce has a warm reddish orange color
Sedum Spirum Dragons Blood loses most leaves in winter except for the very tips, here poking through a snow cap provide nice winter color and texture.
Green Roof panels in LATE FALL

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G_space has also worked with Philadelphia Neighborhood Housing Services to assist our clients in obtaining these loans.


Flash and Batt technique seals the stud cavity from infiltration allowing Fiberglass Batt insulation to perform as it should. “Flash and batt”, consists of a flash of spray foam in wall cavities combined with a batt of fiberglass insulation. A spray of ½ to 2 inches of polyurethane foam creates an air barrier to lock out pollutants and moisture. The foam maximizes the effectiveness of traditional insulation, which is laid on top of the flash of foam. Contractors can feature the hybrid solution as an alternative option for insulation, combining energy-savings and cost-efficiency.
Attic and Rim joist sealing can reduce energy costs dramatically in existing homes. Stopping air infiltration is the best defense against energy leaks.The Department of Energy estimates that up to 40% of energy loss in a home can be contributed to air infiltration.
MNB Constructs/ G_space has recently become certified as installers for Spray Foam Insulation. We now offer spray foam insulation and weatherization services.
We use a closed cell, low pressure foam that is resists moisture inflitration and does not deform windows or other building components.In new construction Spray Foam can be installed as:- Full cavity insulation (highest insulation value most expensive)– Flash and batt hybrid 1/2″ – 2″ foam with Fiberglass Batt (Exceptional insulation value moderate cost)In Attic and Rim joist Retrofit the batt insulation is removed, a layer of spay foam applied, than the Batt insulation is replaced.MNB Constructs uses a low-pressure Spray Foam system There is less worry about workers breathing in chemicals while the foam is curing. This allows the fiberglass installer to work nearly immediately after the foam is sprayed (High pressure systems require up to 24 hrs before you can safely reoccupy the space, Low pressure is only 1 hr.)When using a low-pressure system, setup and teardown takes just minutes (vs hours with a high pressure system), and other tradesmen on the construction site can work in tandem because a low-pressure system dispenses foam in a controlled area.

Green Roof Shop Drawing

Green Wall Shop Drawing 
WORK IN PROGRESSGreen roof and Green wall for
Point State Park Concession Stand.
Native Western Pennsylvania  plants were selected for the green walls. Sedum mixtures were selected for the Green Roof
Installation is scheduled for April 2011
The Hyload CTEM Waterproofing Membrane was installed in February. The roof area was tented and heated to allow membrane to adhere properly in winter conditions

– Philly Green Wall now offers lunch and learn an AIA accredited continuing education course

on Green Walls and Green Roofs
for Architectural Firms and other Organizations


Organizations that have already participated Include:
– Kieren Timberlake
– Ballinger
– H2L2
– Univ of Penn
– Ewing Cole
– Cope Linder
– Hillier
– Drexel Univ
– Harden and Van Arnam 
Upcoming Presentations:

– AIA Philadelphia Chapter

– Erdy McHenry

G_space owns and operates these companies



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