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Volume 15:  July 2010
g_space LLC
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Philadelphia, PA 19147
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Alternating Tread Stair provides the most space efficient access to the roof. The open riser design allows more light into the interior.
 The green roof provides insulation and naturally cooled outdoor space
Window openings were created for the entire length of the rear wall, allowing natural light to penetrate deeper into the long interior space. Since this is a south facing wall the second floor was built to overhang these windows, shading them in summer.
The kitchen uses Composite countertops,
Custom Bamboo cabinet doors. Glass tile backsplash
Cabinets were all custom built with bread drawer cubbies and a pull out spice rack and wine rack. The countertop was extended to the outside creating a continuity of space and light between inside and outside
Completed this past winter this addition / renovation project utilizes many sustainable practices.

Floors are restored Oak strip and Walnut accents with Bamboo in new areas
The existing vestibule was retained since it is an energy saving feature, however, a fixed sidelight window was cut into the side to allow more natural light into the living area
Cut off tile scraps from the 2nd floor bathroom were used to tile this wall in the Powder Room
Custom bathroom with stainless steel flat plate type sink and open shower.
 G_space Graphics Team completes two new websites

The website was customized for the owners with asimple interface that allows daily updates to seafood pricing.

Anastasi Seafood
Located in on 9th St and Washington Ave in
Philadephia, PA in the Italian Market.  Anastasi Seafood specializes in Crabs and has some of the freshest Seafood that can be found in Philadelphia.
The site contains Seafood and Market Images all shot by G_space on site as well as video clips

KOR Commercial Real Estate finds unique solutions for its commercial clients.
G_space provided a custom User Content Management System that allows the website owner to add, modify and update listings without the expense of hiring a website designer for every update.



– PRESS: G_space featured on CBS 3 local news July 16 2010 Reporting: Ben Simmoneau 

PHILADELPHIA (CBS 3) ! At street level, Al Butler’s house looks like your typical South Philadelphia row home. But on the roof, it’s another whole jungle.
That’s because Butler’s roof is green. We’re not talking about the color. Instead, his roof is covered in dirt and vegetation: it’s environmentally green.
“When people see it, they’re like ‘Oh man, that’s awesome,'” Butler says. “It looks cool.”
It more than just looks cool, it actually cools the house. The plants absorb the sunlight, and the entire roof holds a thin layer of water which acts as cooling insulation.
On a hot day last week, we measured the temperature on a neighbor’s roof. It read 130 degrees.
But Butler’s roof was only about 114 degrees.
“On a hot day like this, a lot of people set their air conditioning at 67 or 68 degrees,” Butler says. “But mine’s at 77, and I’m comfortable.”
Butler had Mike and Angela Bucci’s company, Philly Green Wall, install the roof. It cost about $15,000.
“We found that everyone in Philadelphia wants a roof deck, so they have some outdoor space,” Mike Bucci said. “But almost no one can use those decks in the summer because they’re just unbearably hot.”
So the Bucci’s started installing green roofs. A portion of the roof is covered in brick pavers and can be used just like a roof deck.
And there can be significant energy cost savings. Butler says his monthly energy bill is about $30 per month less.
Even PECO has gone green, converting the roof of its Center City headquarters.
The city also offers businesses a tax credit to help offset the cost of construction. But the best part the Buccis say: a green roof is just a lot more usable.

“It’s like a backyard,” Mike Bucci says.

– Philly Green Wall now offers lunch
and learn an AIA accredited continuing education course
on Green Walls and Green Roofs
for Architectural Firms and other Organizations
Organizations that have already participated Include:
– Kieren Timberlake
– Ballinger
– H2L2
– Univ of Penn
– Ewing Cole
– Cope Linder
– Hillier
– Drexel Univ
Upcoming Presentations:
– AIA Philadelphia Chapter – Erdy McHenry
G_space owns and operates these companies



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