Jun’09 Newsletter v7 -Houser Kitchen


Volume 7: June 2009

g_space LLC
726 S Hutchinson St
Philadelphia, PA 19147
Off 215 928 8900
Cell  267 249 0771
Fax  815 572 0136        admin@gspacedesign.com

Houser Kitchen Renovation Focused on reclaimed and sustainable building materials.

Island Cabinets are fabricated using reclaimed wood flooring and old doors salvaged from demolition.
Designed by the G space llc Architecture and Built by Design Build Partner, MNB Constructs llc.
Houser Kitchen Renovation
Cabinets are Finished in zero VOC Soy base Polyurethane. Counter tops are Paper Stone, a cellulose fiber (paper) and a non-petroleum phenolic resin.
Floors are Porcelain Tile and Reclaimed Pine.

Houser Kitchen Renovation
Transoms and sidelights were added to the rear door replacement to bring in additional natural light thus reducing Electric usage.

A new deck was raised up to floor level, increasing usable outdoor space.

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