Pop it in the Microwave. Its second nature to me. We take for granted that microwaving to reheat food is best and easiest. after reading some of these articles, I reconsidered.



I did some side by side taste tests of my own, microwaving leftovers vs reheating on the stove top with a little water added. Surprizingly the stove top tasted much better. If it tastes better then something must be lost during the microwave process. Apparently nutrients can be lost! SInce microwaves heat by vibrating water molecules at very high rates, the molecular structure is changed. Some studies show dramatic nutritional loss in foods.


“In 1992, Swiss scientist Hans Hertel, assisted by Bernard Blanc, conducted a very thorough study on eight healthy human volunteers in their 20s and 30s. The study included raw milk and pasteurized milk and frozen and fresh vegetables. The foods were all consumed raw, cooked normally, and microwaved.

Before and after each meal, their blood was tested. Nutrient damage well beyond normal cooking was present in their blood after consuming microwave cooked food, with abnormalities paralleling the findings of earlier Russian studies. Hertel concluded that technologically induced energy damage can be passed on to humans with microwaved food in addition to direct microwave emissions.

The blood samples from test subjects who had consumed microwaved foods demonstrated decreased lymphocytes (white blood cells) and decreased haemoglobin and cholesterol values, combined with increased luminescence or energy of luminescent bacteria. (NaturalNews.com)


So lets summarize, WE Buy organic food, WE Buy Local Food, WE Grow your own food, WE farm our roof top, all in an effort to eat healthier, to obtain highly nutritional foods. Then cook or reheat these foods in a microwave oven might be simply undoing all the good effort to imropve our diet.

But what about the convenience ? The microwave heats up food so much faster. Well maybe when new, but for years now our microwave takes 3 min, 4min, 5min or more to heat up a single plate of food. So I timed reheat on the stove top, 1 to 2 minutes to reheat some of food. Well there is the pan to clean up, but do it immediately before the residue has dried, and it takes a min. So maybe a little less convenient but worth it.

We removed our Microwave oven. Placed on the curbside (It was picked up in a few hours).
Now what to do with that space?

Maybe an 8 bottle mini wine Refrigerator!

A good old fashioned Convection oven will work for me

I suggest that you try a taste test of your own.

Can our gustatory senses will guide us as to what is healthiest for us? So draw your own conclusions. The tastes can be subtle differences and a heightened awareness of the gustatory sense may be needed.

Taste as a factor in the management of nutrition.

“Primary taste cortex appears to be the site for a cognitive evaluation of gustatory quality and intensity”

T R Scott, J V Verhagen

Sensation and the Senses

“our gustatory system is viewed as being at the interface between the external and internal environments. In this regard, we can view taste as being a “gatekeeper” whose function is to ensure that ingested substances maximize our survival. “

Read more: http://www.answers.com/topic/sensation-and-the-senses#ixzz1vzTPF6f4

Our choice for a reheating pan is a Stainless steel and Copper laminated pan since it has the best heat distribution. The All Clad is my favorite since it conducts heat fast and evenly, avoids burning, and cleans up easily. Just add a little water while reheating.

Copper laminated All-Clad pan gets a lot of use these days

Bon Appetit!

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