At the g_space roof top urban farm we experimented with a mini hoop house placed over some crops planted last fall. The root crops, Nantes Carrots, and Bull’s blood beets did very well and we have been eating them for the past two months. The carrots are now going to seed. This demonstrates that rooftop Urban farming season can be extended well into the winter and in spring crops can be harvested.


Harvested Carrots a bit odd shaped but very good – mid April 2012

We presume some of the deformities are due to a soil depth of only 8″.We are intending to increase the soil depth to 12″ for the next planting.

Carrots growing in Mini hoop house


Beet harvested from hoop house on Rooftop Farm – mid May


Red Beet from Hoop House May 16, 2012

Carrot Harvest – May 28, 2012

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