Peppery, nutty full of flavor, this arugula grown in green wall panels in our small greenhouse is a treat. It adds an incredible taste to a salad. Last planted in December, we have been enjoying salads from this green wall most of the winter. Also growing is celery, carrots, red lettuce, broccoli rabe and other lettuce varieties.
The celery is small but a few stalks can be picked and added to salad giving it a great flavor. The carrots are growing slowly as the days get longer and they get more sun their growth will accelerate.

Broccoli Rabe and Arugula growing in Mobile green wall


Arugula salad with other green picked from green wall with Olive oil, Coconut vinegar, mushrooms, fresh Mozzarella, Fres grated Parmasean Cheese salt and pepper

We prepare arugula salad with a olive oil since “scientists believe that certain compounds found in vegetables like arugula are actually better absorbed when eaten with a little fat.”

Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/5381-need-health-benefits-arugula/#ixzz2N6TB3qJi


Celery and carrots growing in wall mounted green wall panels

Fresh picked Arugula

Arugula use as an accent on a mushroom burger

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