G_space recently completed a facade restoration in Queens Village Philadelphia. The brick facade was losing mortar in many areas and the wood window casing was rotted out at the sills. Since the brick is harder than most of the older historic buildings in the neighborhood we used a ratio of 2 sand to 1 cement.

The repointing took about one week for the Two story facade, however, the work was suspended for 4 days as hurricane Sandy passed through.

The last time the mortar was repointed the joints were not cut deep enough for the mortar to get a good bond.

Wood Window casing were deteriorated at all openings with the basement being the worst

Mortar was sawn out to a depth of about 1″ using a mini grinder and a diamond pointing blade. Broken bricks were removed and replaced with matching brick.

The Wrought Iron flower boxes were mounted on top of the window sills, trapping a lot of water and causing water infiltration.

All Wrought Iron work was removed and restored. The window boxes were modifide to be mounted below the window sills. The wood window casings were removed and replaced with custom milled composite wood. The front door was replaced with a custom order fiberglass clad door and also trimmed with composite wood.


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