We have been using these firewood log hoops to store firewood used in our wood stove for years now. The hoops are just too limited in how much wood can be stored so we added more and have 5 of them.  These hoops takes a lot of space  so I decided to modify them.

Expanded firewood log hoop now has twice the capacity

Here is the process.

Log hoop before modification

Log hoop before modification

Measure to tangent point perpendicular to the floor line and mark with red line

Cut the hoop with mini grinder at tangent line

Do the same on the opposite side and cut with mini grinder and cut off wheel

Cut four pieces of 1/2″ square steel bar 48″ long and Four at 7″ long

Layout the bars square and weld together

Clamp the 1/2″ bar frame to the bottom half of the hoop perpendicular to the floor then weld together

Cut off segments of the top hoop for bracing

Weld arch segments to the hoop base and the new uprights

weld up rights to opposite side and add braces to all four corners,
Then cut two 3/4″ x 3/4″ steel angles to span top and weld to uprights

Flattened 1/2″ Expanded metal mesh is welded to the angles and all joints are ground smooth with a flap wheel

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