g_space is a comprehensive design firm in service for over 20 years. We embrace the practical nature ¬†of the physical environment as well as the conceptual nature of aesthetics and fine art. We are a team of artists, architects, craftsmen, and graphic designers that draw upon each other’s strengths producing a dynamic and refined design solutions.

g_space is a synthesis, a team effort, which seeks to find the extraordinary from the ordinary.

SInce 1979 our design approach has always sought sustainable means. Reclaiming and reusing materials is always part of our mindset.

g_spaceELEMENTS was created as a branch that produces furniture and artwork from excess and reclaimed building materials.

HOUSER KITCHEN CABINETS from reclaimed wood flooring and Door panels

We have always employed the latest Energy efficiency techniques. Today we employ Passive House building envelope techniques to minimize heat loss and approach net zero energy usage. Natural daylighting is always considered in all spaces we design since it can save electric usage, but more importantly lift the spirit as sun light streams though the space we occupy.

g_space RoofTop Urban Farm Aug 2011

Using roof space to grow food is something we have done in the early 80’s and continue today with fully vegetated roof systems. Philly Green Wall and Roof was created to provide a single source for vegetated roofs and walls that can provide design and installation of waterproofing, structure, and Vegetated systems, all under one warranty.


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